Our Fabrics

We take our fabric selection seriously. The fabric that we use for our clothing and accessories has to meet at least one of the categories below. Why so picky? Because we want to do our part in the apparel industry (yes even pet apparel) to reduce waste, raise awareness, and improve sustainability.

  1. All or majority of natural fibers sourced from an ethical mill.
  2. Re-purposed materials; old or unused materials given a second life.

Our main pushes are to avoid harsh chemicals within textile creation, use fabrics that meet GOTS or Oeko-Tex textile standards, and use RE-PURPOSED materials as often as we can.

Be aware that no company or fabric is 100% earth-friendly, there is always a tradeoff. For example, see Organic Cotton tradeoff below, it uses less harsh chemicals but uses more water.

Image source: https://www.frankandoak.com/handbook/style/organic-cotton-pros-cons

We made a promise to source ethical and earth friendly materials for you and also want to meet the quality standards that you expect. Thank you for being a little more mindful and aware of what you support. When your pet is done with or outgrows the garment, please pass along to another or donate to a thrift shop for someone else to find. This will help keep our garments out of the landfill longer.