Re-wax Your Jacket

Gather your materials:

  • White or yellow organic beeswax pellets or bar
  • The jacket clean and dry
  • A foam craft brush, spare sock, or natural bristle brush
  • A hair dryer or clothing iron

Once the jacket is clean and dry, it’s time to get started.


1. Warm or melt the wax

If you are using a bar of wax, natural sunlight or holding in front of heater will work great. Just want it soft enough to rub a layer onto the jacket. For beeswax pellets heat using the double boiler method or microwave (carefully in small amounts). You will only need about 1/4 cup beeswax for size small jacket.

2. Application

For bar users, just rub it across the fabric, using mild pressure. When using melted wax, you can either use a craft brush or a piece of soft cloth. Rub wax over jacket for a layer or two. Don’t worry if some wax cools quicker and looks white.

3. Heat once more

Using the hair dryer or iron (not touching wax directly with iron) re-melt the wax into the fabric and spread more as needed.

4. Curing and cleaning

Let the jacket sit overnight to cool and cure. You may notice that the jacket feels stiffer than before, not to worry the jacket will “break-in” shortly.

To clean, use cold water and gently wash it by hand, then let it hang dry. Avoid harsh detergents and especially dry cleaning as the heat and soap will leave the waxing patchy and uneven.

5. Re-wax timing

Re-waxing about once a year will maintain the water-resistance of your jacket, as well as help preserve the fabric for a long time.