Our products are functional, plastic-free, and earth-friendly.

While not all pets need apparel, we aim to create functional garments for our furiends who might need a little extra warmth or protection from the elements.

Zero waste toys & accessories made from repurposed materials.

Zeek is 45lbs and wearing a size M

  • Sizing Options

    We know every pet is a unique size! That's why we offer 8 sizes so your pet can get the perfect fit - whether you are fitting a cat or dog. TOY is our smallest size which fits 11" chest and XXL is our largest size which fits up to 38" chest measurement.

    How to measure your pets 
  • Functional Details

    +Snap closure is secure and adjustable

    +Stretch knit panels offer optimal flexibility so your pet can MOVE

    +Hanger loop on back neck for easy drying

    +Buttonhole for harness access


    +Water-repellent component used is based on a fluorine-free recipe

    +Water & soil repellent

    +Keeps colors and fabrics looking new longer

    +Allows textiles to dry more rapidly


    +Resistant to washing


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